Farhad Azima

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32 min




Persian with English and Arabic subtitles


Islamic Republic of Iran

A story above the clouds:

The Persian Gulf Battle 1

In the midst of Iran-Iraq war in 1984, an aerial engagement took place between two Iranian F-4 fighters and two Saudi F-15 jets. The Saudi jets targeted one of the Iranian warplanes and shot it down. At the time, US officials acknowledged that their aerial tanker planes and surveillance planes had helped the Saudi jets to hit the Iranian jet. The Iranian F-4 fighter’s pilots failed to eject before their jet crashed into the sea off the Persian Gulf. “Persian Gulf Battle” is an animated short film that looks into the aerial clash meticulously to reveal confidential reports about the Saudi air action. The nearly 30-min film puts the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out what was the motive in attacking the Iranian jets all of a sudden and without a prior notification. It figures out that American pilot Bill Tippin was the one who persuaded the Saudi jets to shoot at the Iranian jets at a time that Iran was involved in another war.


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