Rezvaneh Fathi

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Islamic Republic of Iran

Forceful Removing of Hijab During the Reign of Reza Shah

The 5th House

Greatly impressed and influenced by western culture, he issued a decree in 1936, forcing all girls and women to remove their Hijab (Islamic headdress). Former Iranian monarch Reza Shah Pahlavi’s edict was enforced swiftly and forcefully and those who did not follow his order in public were beaten by the police and their headscarves were torn off. Girls and women chose not to leave their houses in order to avoid the police. “The 5th House” is a historical fiction story about the forceful removing of Hijab during the reign of Reza Shah, who was considered a puppet of Britain. The short film’s central story line focuses on a young girl who is persecuted by a police officer in an alley for wearing Hijab in public. A young man, who had hit the girl with a rock in his childhood and now loves her, arrives at the scene and help her escape from the hands of the officer. Then Abbas gives her the address of the fifth house in the alley where the girl uses to get home.


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