Seyed Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan

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4 min






Islamic Republic of Iran

The Story of All Streets


“Duel” is a social fiction story produced in genre of satire and its main narrative highlights a bitter confrontation between the rich and poor in the society as the gap between the two is widening day by day. It shows how a growing proportion of children are affected by family breakdown and social injustice. The short film explores why the prevalence of modern slavery, child labor and unemployment in urban areas is contributing to the widening gap between the world's haves and have-nots. It portrays a painful narrative of those kids who are inevitably turned into intersection hustlers to make ends meet by offering unsolicited window washing services at traffic intersections. The satirical genre of the documentary leaves viewers lost in thought, as they do not know either to laugh or cry. The story shows boy using his water gun to wash the screens of an expensive car but the driver mistreats him and he shoots him with his water pistol. All of a sudden, the son of the driver takes out his paintball gun and shoots the boy three times.


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