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US Army in Afghanistan


US warmongering and expansionist policies across the globe have cost its troops dearly. A large number of American troops are suffering from mental disorders due to their participation in their county’s so-called wars on terror. In 2001, the US and its allies invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attack, on the pretext of fighting terrorism. Many experts argue that the attack was an inside job. So far, thousands of people including Afghan and American people have lost their lives in the longest US combat force participation. “1+1=11” is a short fiction story that reviews the prevalence of mental health problems among US troops in the war-ravaged country. The short film focuses on the unwillingness of American troops to stay in Afghanistan and narrates the story of two American brothers with the names of Jack and George. Jack is angry with his brother for killing kids in Afghanistan and wants to escape the battle field there. Finally, Jack, who cannot leave Afghanistan, leaves army and hide somewhere in the crisis-hit country.


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