The first edition of the International section of Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF) was held on the last day of 2013 with 700 works from 70 countries and parallel with the 4th edition of the APFF’s domestic section. The festival’s call for works started on December 6th invited moviemakers form across the globe to submit their works in the forms of fiction films (short or feature films), documentaries (short or feature), video clips (including music videos, comedies, teasers and very short documentaries on topics attended to by the festival), movie scripts (proposals, synopses and plays), TV programs (documentaries, programs, talk shows, reports, news programs, etc.), articles and movie critiques. The AIPFF considers the following as its themes: The Palestinian Crisis, The Islamic Awakening, Western World Crises (the Occupy-Wall-Street and protests in European countries), The History of Anti-Imperialism and Anti-Colonialism, Corruption and its Aftermaths in Different Countries, Views of independent Filmmakers about Iran, and Spiritual and Human Riches of Third-World Communities. Also "Resistive Economy" is announced as the special topic of the festival. Winners of the1st Ammar International Popular Film Festival are announced as follows: "The Stones Cry Out" by Yasmine Perni, "The Christian Zionism" by Charles E. Carlson and "The End of Poverty" by Philippe Diaz bagged the special award of the festival. Furthermore, the films "Plunder" by Danny Schechter, "The Unclear Truth" by Reza John Vedadi by "A Pathway to Gaza Prison Camp" by Majid Khabazan were lauded as winners in the ceremony. "The Valentino's Ghost" by Michael Singh, "The Money Lobby" by Susan Modarres, "Look Behind the Canvass" by Mohsen Barmahani and "Between Anvil and Hammer" by Mohammad Reza Mohammadi Nejat received commendation from the panel of judges for their style and the stories they featured. The films are selected from among over 700 submissions to the 1st festival which were sent during the 45 days before the submission deadlines.


Ammar to Display Film on Organ Trafficking in Israel

'Mitzvah' by Witold Gadowski and Maciej Grabysa

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Iran’s APFF has planned to screen the ‘Mitzvah’ by Witold Gadowski and Maciej Grabysa which focuses on human organ trafficking organized by the Zionist regime for stealing organs from the bodies of Palestinians and other nationals.

AIPFF is Need for Modern World

Director of the film "Path to Gaza":

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Majid Khabazan believes that 1st AIPFF's agenda is a missing piece in the world's film industry and the festival is what the world needs most now that most mainstream festivals fail to shed enough light on productions by independent filmmakers.

AIPFF, Unparalleled Chance for Alternative Media

An Article By Mohammad Reza Mohammad Nejat

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - The international section of Ammar Popular Film Festival (AIPFF) should be in practice concerned with the issue of popularity, as its name denotes, as much as it cares about international relations so that it can fill the vast gap.

Ammar Nurtures Young Talents

Merlin Miller, American Filmmaker:

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Miller underlined the significance of independent movie makers on distribution of the truth among the general public, and lauded APFF for its initiative to cover productions by young talent and independent filmmakers in its international section.

“Look behind the Canvas” Displayed at AIPFF

AIPFF 2014

TEHRAN (APFF) - 1st AIPFF displayed “Look behind the Canvas” which tells the stories of two women whose family lives have almost been ruined after their beloved men were taken into custody by unknown security guards with uniform in the ‘occupied’ city of Kashmir.

APFF Debuts ‘Options on the Table’ Song by Hamed Zamani

AIPFF 2014

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Hamed Zamani released his latest song entitled as the 'Options on the Table' at the opening ceremony of the 4th national Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF).

Families of Martyrs Kick off APFF 2014

In Palestine Theater

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - An opening ceremony was held here in Tehran on Friday evening in the presence of a number of prominent cinematic and cultural figures as well as families of the martyrs of the Sacred Defense and the nuclear technology to start the 4th APFF and 1st AIPFF.

Foreign Filmmaker Submit over 500 Films to AIPFF

AIPFF 2014

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Secretary of the 1st Ammar Int'l Popular Film Festival says over 500 documentaries on various topics have been so far submitted to the secretariat of the festival.

Butcher Angels being displayed at APFF

AIPFF 2014

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Soheil Salimi’s documentary about American forces in Afghanistan is presented at the 1st Ammar Int'l Popular Film Festival.

“444 Days” being Displayed at APFF

AIPFF 2014

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Director of the'444 Days' says his film unfolds untold stories about the capture of American embassy in Tehran by Iranian students. The film is being displayed in over 500 theaters in Iran.

Doc on Former BBC Whistle-blower to be submitted

AIPFF 2014

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - A documentary based on the life and works of former BBC Panorama presenter Alan Hart will be sent to the secretariat of the 1st Ammar Int'l Popular Film Festival if readied by the time the gala kicks off in Iran.

Action Documentary on Syrian Crisis Submitted to APFF

AIPFF 2014

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - An action documentary by Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Eslamzadeh is submitted to the secretariat of the 1st Ammar Int'l Popular Film Festival.

Palestine Hosted Screening AIPFF

Palestinian Youth Minister Says Ammar Revives Resistance Art

Palestine (AIPFF) - The Palestinian Minister of Youth and Sport said Ammar Popular Film Festival plays an important part in the field of resistance.


Arbitration and Selection Committee

Foad Izadi

Izadi is a professor at the Faculty of World Studies and the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Tehran. He is a PhD graduate of mass communications of the Louisiana State University.

Arash Daryabandari

DarayBandari is an author, translator, and a graduate in Islamic History of the University of California, Berkeley. He has recently focused his researches and studies on Islam and Shia studies

Saeed Zibakalam

Zibakalam graduated from Bradford University in peace studies and got his PhD in philosophy from the University of Leeds, the UK. He is a professor and researcher and master of University of Tehran.

Nader Talebzadeh

Talebzadeh is a producer, TV presenter, moviemaker, and journalist. He got his BA in English Literature of Randolph–Macon College and has an MA in Film Directing of the University of Colombia.