25 September 2016

Iranian Cinema Should Move Towards Strategic Cinema

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - As reported by the Resistance Int'l Film Festival Public Relations, Hassan Abbasi in a review session on the series Home Land said: Iranian cinema should move towards strategic cinema and follow this strategic flow to various areas including computer games too.

TEHRAN (AIPFF) – As reported by the Resistance Int’l Film Festival Public Relations, Hassan Abbasi in a review session on the series Home Land said: Iranian cinema should move towards strategic cinema and follow this strategic flow to various areas including computer games too.

Dr. Hassan Abbasi in the third meeting of the first day of the Resistance International Film Festival studied the American symbols and characters in the series Home Land. At the beginning of the meeting a summary of this movie was shown and its main characters were introduced. Hassan Abbasi went on to compare this series with the TV series 24 and said: The series 24 is more professional than Home Land for 24 series sets a strategy especially in its final seasons like when they show the Iranian president is expected to have 24 centrifuges in his negotiations with the Americans and this shows an official strategic line in the American TV. As we saw many Western officials from Microsoft president to George W. Bush ministers supported this show.

He added that the fixed line in this series is against the resistance current. Of course, this series lacks the image that has taken form in the world and is repeated, it should be studied and recognized in the coming years in academic circles as it might be believed as history. Homes Land has two suspension lines for Iran in the first two chapters and one suspension line in the third chapter, and in later chapters enters the issue of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Homeland - Islamophobia and Anti-Iranian series

Homeland – Islamophobia and Anti-Iranian series

He said: revolutionary filmmakers can advance this goal and the influx of Islamophobic computer games and movies should not be able change the image of Islam in the world.

Head of Yaghin Institute analyzed the signs and symbols of the series Homeland and said: Islam equals terrorism and Muslim equals terrorist in the series. When an American spectator sees in the show that anyone who converts to Islam becomes a terrorist and moves towards the destruction of himself and his family, his attitude towards Islam changes. Nicholas Brody in the series has been tarnished by the CIA initially and gradually starts terrorist adventures. In general the message of the first two chapters is that if an American converts to Islam, he is a terrorist. At the end of the second chapter, an explosion is attributed to the Iranian Intelligence Corps. The series also warns American girls that if their father becomes Muslim their will destroy their families. So people should not allow family members become Muslim.

he also pointed to other images of the Homeland series from Islam and Iran and said: Iran in the series is displayed as a country which helps terrorist groups because at the beginning of the third chapter, in six spots of the world terrorist attacks are shown as sponsored by Iran and America portrays Iran as the agent of official state terrorism. The series also accuses, first the Iranian minister of information and later Sepah of terrorism because Majid Javadi, one of the main characters in the film, is first shown as the Iranian deputy minister of information and later as the Sepah deputy and this is an error or mistake in the script or due to a deliberation.

He also pointed out: In the first eight parts of the third chapter the story of money laundering is attributed to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards organization for the audience. In fact, it is common practice in America to tell everyone that Iranians are engaged in money laundering and this is very usual while they have had plenty of money laundering about Iran but they don’t show its image like this and show dozens of series and films to make a very different picture of themselves for the people. Wahhabis also take orders from Iran in this series which is another issue. Iranians have had the most war with Wahhabi terrorists and Takfiri groups and have been the most important against Wahabi terrorism.

He pointed out that: The consumption date of series like Homeland has expired for the Iranian audience, stating: The series shows weak points of Iran while in the most dangerous spot on earth Iran has the highest safety factors. On the contrary America is a country where 700 residents are killed in public spaces in every year.


Nader Talebzadeh:

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