30th August 2016

Iranian-Latin American Revolutionary Arts Union

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - The international section of Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF International) hosted a cultural event to hail renowned Chilean anti-coup filmmaker Miguel Littin, dubbed as the Iranian-Latin American Revolutionary Arts Union on August 30, 2016 in Tehran.

At the Night of Linkage Between Iranian-Latin American Revolutionary Arts

Chilean Anti-Coup Filmmaker Miguel Littin Awarded

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Chilean filmmaker Miguel Littin and his wife, Elizabeth Menz, accept a lifetime achievement award and a plaque of honor presented by the Third Ammar International Popular Film Festival at the Ibn-e Sina Hall of the University of Tehran.

At the Night of Iran-LaAm Revolutionary Arts Linkage

Senior Iranian Revolution Directors and Miguel Littin Will Be Paid Tribute

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - The 74-year-old cinematic figure, Miguel Littin, will be honored during a cultural event by the International Section of Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF) at Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Hall of Tehran University’s Faculty of Medicine in his own presence today.

Tehran Times Reported:

Miguel Littin, Chilean filmmaker in Tehran Peace Museum

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - According to Tehran Times, the chilean filmmaker, screenwriter and novelist Miguel Ernesto Littin Cucumides, who is the guest of honor at the 3rd Ammar International Popular Film Festival (APFF), has visited the Tehran Peace Museum.

Chilean Director in meeting with Abdolhamid Shahrabi:

Powerful Media Absent in World’s Revolutionary Groups

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - "Today, the main problem before the revolutionary groups in the world is the lack of powerful media and effective connections and communications", said Miguel Littín in meeting with the manager of Research and planning center of The House of Latin America.

Tomorrow by AIPFF:

Miguel Littin latest film “Allende in His Labyrinth” Screened for the first Time in Iran

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - On the night of linkage between Iranian, Latin American revolutionary arts, the latest film of Miguel Littin “Allende in His Labyrinth”, is going to be screened on Tuesday, 30th of August in Soureh Hall of Howzeh Honari at 16 p.m.

Renowned Chilean Film Director in Isfahan

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Miguel Littin, the famous anti-coup Chilean director who has come to Iran as a special guest to the international section of Ammar Film Festival, visited Isfahan and the city's beautiful places and sites.

A Note by Nematollah Saeedi

Miguel Littin; A Director from end of the world

The author was successful two days ago to see with his own eyes the fabulous figure of Chilean and Latin American cinema on earth next to himself. An old man - about 76 years of age – that one can guess the brilliance and glory of his youngness only by gazing at his eyes.

On 30th August

AIPFF to Honor Senior Revolution Directors Parallel with lauding Chilean Filmmaker

TEHRAN, (AIPFF) - AIPFF has planned to honor three outstanding Islamic Revolution directors, namely Masoud Jafari Jozani, Behrouz Afkhami and Hossein Zandbaf parallel with a ceremony to hail renowned Chilin anti-coup filmmaker Miguel Littin on Tuesday.

On 30th August

Feast of Linkage between Iranian, Latin American Revolutionary Arts

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Under the auspices of the secretariat of the third round of the international section of APFF, ceremonies will be held at Tehran University on Tuesday in honor of the well-reputed Chilean anti-coup filmmaker, Miguel Littin, as artists will attend.

on Cinematic Round-table Program "Haft":

Behrouz Afkhami Held a Televised Q&A Meeting with Miguel Littin

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Behrouz Afkhami held a televised Q&A meeting with famous Chilean film director and special guest of the International Section of Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF), Miguel Littin.

Behnam Heidari, Executive Secretary of AIPFF:

Ammar to Identify Existing Gaps in the Iranian Cinema through Global Works

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Executive Secretary of the International Section of Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF) has defined objectives and programs of the section and vast variety of audiences.

Nader Talebzadeh:

Ammar Popular Film festival is Founded and Funded by People

Ammar film festival is popular. But why is that? There are several reasons to elucidate it and figure out that Ammar festival is founded and funded by people.