The 1953 American Coup in Iran

Mr. Prime Minister

“Mr. Prime Minister” is a documentary that reviews the nationalization of Iran’s oil industry in details.

A Narrative of Iran - US Conflicts...

Revolution on Roosevelt Street

“Revolution on Roosevelt Street” is a documentary about the US and the countries which have been victims of its interventionist policies and invasive actions.

How Students are killed by US troops in Afghanistan

Butcher Angels

“Butcher Angels” is a Fiction movie about the war-mongering policies of the US in Afghanistan.

Senior Iranian general who helped to rebuild Lebanon

Without Border

“Without Borders” is a documentary which its narrative highlights the personal characteristics of a senior Iranian general who has been tasked with helping rebuild Lebanon after Israel's 33-day war on the Arab country back in the summer of 2006.

Lebanese Hezbollah's Victory Against Israel in the 33-day war

Endless Border

“Endless Borders” is a documentary about Lebanese Hezbollah's victory against the Zionist regime of Israel in the 33-day war in 2006.

Picking Rotten Apples

Market of Affection

“Market of Affection” is a series of short films about people with deep humanity and caring attitude towards the needy.

A Taxi Driver at Midnight in Tehran


“Driver” is a fiction story about a supportive cab driver who helps a man to get medicine for his wife late at night.

China and its Growing Economy

World’s Company

“World’s Company” is a documentary about China and its growing economy. The narrator of the short film travels to China to see with his own eyes what has helped China emerge so strong in economy.

Zionist lobbies Against Iran

Between Anvil & Hammer

“Between Anvil & Hammer” is a documentary about Iran-US-Europe ties and the impact of Zionist lobbies on the policies of the US and European states against the Islamic Republic.

The Father of Two Girls Martyred Against ISIS

Girls Are More Attached to Their Dads

A documentary about a loving man who has built a deep emotional relationship with his two daughters. The girls are very dependent on him and cannot imagine a day without him.

Terrorist Attack on Embassy of Iran in Mazar Sharif

Mazar Sharif

"Mazar Sharif" is about terrorist attack on Iran’s embassy in Mazar sharif and the death of an Iranian diplomats.

Terrorist Attack on Embassy of Iran in Mazar Sharif

Who Killed Us?

“Who Killed Us” is a documentary that seeks to shed light on the reasons behind the assassination of the diplomats and the journalist.

Nader Talebzadeh:

Ammar Popular Film festival is Founded and Funded by People

Ammar film festival is popular. But why is that? There are several reasons to elucidate it and figure out that Ammar festival is founded and funded by people.