Interview with Abdul Aleem Taher:

The Starting Point of Iraq’s Revolutionary Cinema

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Abdul Aleem Taher points to his concerns about making the film ‘Al-Shahid’ (the Martyr) and gives voice to his opinions about Iranian cinema and the importance of popular screening of films like Ammar Festival.

In Interview with Danny Schechter

Late AIPFF Laureate Speaks of US Violation of Human Rights

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Danny Schechter ‘News Dissector’ and Human Rights Activist, speaks of US violation of human rights in an interview with AIPFF.

In Interview with Jim Fetzer

Hollywood no Place for Anti-Israeli Films

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - Jim Fetzer has taken part in an in-depth interview with the AIPFF airing his views on the role of the Zionist lobby in the Hollywood and the mainstream motion picture production companies and the role Ammar Popular Film Festival.

Interview with Mark Glenn; Political Commentator and Human Rights Activist

Ammar Needs to Reach out for Youth

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - APFF has conducted an exclusive interview with political commentator and human rights activist Mark Glenn on a number of subjects including the control of the Zionist lobby on American media outlet and the 4th Ammar Popular Film Festival in Iran.

In Interview With Danny Schechter:

Hollywood Takes Reality; Gives out Games

TEHRAN (AIPFF) - APFF has conducted an exclusive Skype interview with the directory of "Plunder: the Crime of our Time" which has been screened in the 1st Ammar Int'l Popular Film Festival at one of Iran's greatest movie theaters in Tehran, Palestine Cinema.

Nader Talebzadeh:

Ammar Popular Film festival is Founded and Funded by People

Ammar film festival is popular. But why is that? There are several reasons to elucidate it and figure out that Ammar festival is founded and funded by people.