Hanif Shahpar Raad

Release Year



29 min




Persian with English subtitles


Islamic Republic of Iran

AIPFF 2015

These Walls Will Talk

In 1957 the CIA helped the Shah of Iran to establish The Organization of Intelligence and National Security. SAVAK as it was known by its Persian acronym was a significant tool in persecution, incarceration and torture of revolutionaries and political prisoners. This continued up until the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Apart from hundreds of safe houses and unknown detention places, the horrific secret police had reserved one especial locale for the toughest of the revolutionaries: The Anti Sabotage Joint Committee building and detention center. This building with all its cells and its numerous torture machines and tools is today turned into a museum; A museum to stand witness to the cruelty of the torturers and the stubborn defiance of the imprisoned revolutionaries who braved intolerable harshness. These Walls Will Talk narrates the accounts of aged men and women who were once within these walls. They are no longer young but the horror inducing memories of this place is forever vivid in their minds. Ex-political inmates and the cells of this prison blend in once more to bring you the story of what has been done within these walls.


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