Ehsan Abdipour

Release Year



78 min




Persian with English, Espanish and Arabic subtitles


Islamic Republic of Iran

The Messenger of Peace

All Alone

“All Alone” is an Iranian movie about a teenage boy who lives on an island and wants to meet the president and talk about the problems that sanctions have brought to his family's life. Rangerou is the nickname of a teenager boy living in one of the Persian Gulf islands with his family. He sells fish at a Russian campus. One night he dreams about a UFO and an abandoned alien but believes it was real. The next day he tells his story to everybody he meets, but no one believes it except for a Russian boy of his age. Soon they become good friends even though they can't speak the same language. The film says people regardless of their culture, language and religion can communicate with each other and help each other in tough situations.


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