Have you ever visited Iran?

You Are a Terrorist, I Am a Tourist

“You Are a Terrorist; I Am a Tourist” is a documentary that its main narrative recounts stories of foreign tourists visiting Iran.

160,000 were killed and Injured by USA

I Am Become Death

“I Am Become Death” is a historic documentary that in forty minutes provides exact details of how the US designed and developed its first atomic weapons in stages during World War II.

US Army in Afghanistan


“1+1=11” is a short fiction story that reviews the prevalence of mental health problems among US troops in the war-ravaged country.

The Chamran of Afghanistan in Guantanamo bay

Shepherd and Wolf story

Dr Alishah Mosavi who got martyred recently during a bomb blast was titled as the Chamran of Afghanistan due to his on going struggle for revolution.

Is the US Army Really Fighting Against Taliban?

A Journey to Pashtuns’ Land

“A Journey to Pashtuns’ Land” is a documentary about the political influence of Pashtuns on the Afghan government and its political decisions.

A Romantic Story About the Shrine Defenders


“Hengame” is a narrative about an Iranian couple whose life is full of ups and downs. Hamed plans to travel to Syria to join the forces fighting the terrorists and defending the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Zeynab (SA), the granddaughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

What the US Army does in Afghanistan?

Soil and Marjan

“Soil and Marjan” is a short narrative about the sufferings of Afghan girls and women. It highlights that the so-called US “war on terror” has, in fact, deteriorated the lives of Afghan people instead of building it.

15 Days Living with Fear

Alone Among the Taliban

“Alone among the Taliban” shows the journalist taking his camera everywhere he goes with the Taliban. He conducts interviews with Taliban’s local authorities and members of the Fatwa Council, an act which has been nearly impossible for filmmakers in the last decade.

Please do not say Anything About Reality

We Are Economists

“We Are Economists” is a documentary in which an Iranian economy student decides to take a look at the principles and methods used by professors to teach economy and the link between their methods and corporatization.

American Journalist Who Travels to Iran

Iranian Dream

“Iranian Dream” is a documentary about an American journalist who travels to Iran as a tourist and businessperson. The camera follows Caleb Maupin on the streets of Tehran where he attends religious ceremonies in the capital to learn more about Iran’s rich culture and traditions.

US is a Cradle of Democracy?

A Very American Life

“A Very American Life” is a documentary that recounts the daily life of contemporary America, focusing on two sides of the same coin in the US. One about stories related by American officials and one that middle-class people talk about, the realities on the ground.

The Story of All Streets


“Duel” is a social fiction story produced in genre of satire and its main narrative highlights a bitter confrontation between the rich and poor in the society as the gap between the two is widening day by day.

Nader Talebzadeh:

Ammar Popular Film festival is Founded and Funded by People

Ammar film festival is popular. But why is that? There are several reasons to elucidate it and figure out that Ammar festival is founded and funded by people.